The World Is Painted Red (Ch.2 Pt. 2)

Jack couldn’t help himself against performing an escapade around the house.

What’s this guy’s deal anyway? Jack thought. Odd man…

He walked from room to room noticing all these strange artifacts that Mike decorated his home with. There were four rooms on the first floor of the house. He passed by the kitchen as he had already inspected that room and made his way to a neat dining room which was lightly dusted over. The room was gloomy and the light-switch didn’t work. Besides the fancy table that rested in the middle of the large room, there was only one object in sight. It was massive rack of aged wine. Jack began to pull out each bottle. Valserro Rioja Crianza red wine, Rosso Piceno red wine, Chateau Feret-Lambert Grand Vin de Bordeaux red wine, Montoya Cabernet red wine, and more red wine, and more red wine, and the list went on and on. Every shelf had nothing but red wine.

Damn. And he was asking where I got the money for my cigars…

Jack, then, made his way into what looked like an office. Right when he walked through the door his heart dropped as there was a tall man standing in the corner of the room. His hands could barely flick the lights on he was shaking so violently. He slapped and squeezed his mouth from letting out a shout of terror. The man was Jesus standing with his palms open, facing outward in a gesture of welcome, a statue of course.

My God… What in the hell? Who has shit like this?

His heart was still racing. When he turned the corner into the office he saw two decent sized spaceship models propped up on the top shelf of Mike’s desk. There were papers and folders scattered all over the desk. It looked like he was trying to find something in all the clutter. One by one Jack started to skim through some of the papers. His curiosity for adventure always made him a bit meddlesome. What Jack found was that every single paper held records from NASA about the Mars expedition that launched fifty years prior. Then a loud knocking sound came from the other room. It sounded to Jack that Mike was on his way down the stairs, so he quickly shuffled the papers, switched the light, and went running for the living room couch. But when Jack lied down he realized the sound was repeating from the front door. He subtly stepped over to the door and peaked out of both the small windows on each side. Nothing was there.

Hmm. Must have been the storm… I gotta’ put myself to bed.

Jack made his way to the kitchen for a glass of water and then noticed there was a basement door in the hallway. He almost couldn’t help himself; he grabbed the doorknob but then tore his hand away.

I don’t really feel like finding a dead body tonight.

He returned to the couch and looked at the time. His head turned to the sunflower on the wall, but then caught sight of a massive grizzly bear head roaring out above the fireplace.

“JESUS!” he shouted in terror (he couldn’t help himself this time).

How did I not notice that thing before?

The bear gazed him down the whole night. Only when his eyes met the sun bleeding through the white curtains did he fall into a light slumber.


To be continued…


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